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Amato's Cravings

Award-winning café in Rochester, NY
Bigger Place, Same Taste


Amato’s Cravings is a “spin-off” of Amato’s Café, which was located on University Ave in Rochester, NY and owned by Justin Amato. His tiny café won the ROC City Cheap Eats Award by Channel 10 News in 2015.

Justin’s passion for cooking started in high school and pretty much saved his life from heading down a different path, which would not have served him well.

His dream is to have a five-star restaurant/café, serving nothing but fresh homemade dishes. He loves to try new recipes with the best ingredients for his customers.

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I had the pleasure of visiting Amato's one early morning when I had time to kill before work. Recently found out about them via Instagram and followed their posts about daily specials. The cafe is operated Justin Amato, who struck me as a young man with big dreams and a fantastic attitude. Also family oriented as pictures of his baby adorn the cooking area. 

The open face breakfast was fantastic. Expecting the small toast I'd normally get elsewhere, to my surprise Justin made 2 over easy eggs with a few strips of bacon and cheese. For home fries, he took a baked Idaho potato and crumbled it on the grill. A WHOLE IDAHO TATER! I was not expecting all that for $6. And I got both quantity and quality product.